FEMA Ineligibility Letters May Not Be the Last Word

  While some survivors of October’s floods may have received a letter from FEMA saying they are ineligible for disaster assistance, FEMA spokesman Carl Henderson urges these people not to give up. Visit your nearest Disaster Recovery Center and speak with a counselor. It may be that all the I’s were not dotted, or the T’s crossed, and you may become eligible with the proper backup paperwork and properly completed forms.

D.O.T. is On Target with Road, Bridge Re-openings

  Progress has been surprisingly rapid on road and bridge re-openings since the October floods. SC Department of Transportation spokesman Pete Poore says of 541 roads and bridges that were closed statewide on Oct. 5, only 80 remain to be opened, meaning 85% of the roads and bridges have been reopened, and more are expected to open soon. Poore tells why the progress has been so good so far, and cautions that the last few may take months to repair because of conditions that D.O.T. doesn’t control.